Studying English

24 Feb
Studying English

Studying English





Parmi  : Hello, Wakid. Well, it’s time to study.
Wakid : Hello, Parmi. I’m ready to study English.

Parmi  : I think studying english is your hobby
Wakid : Yes, it is. My parents thaught me English a long time ago. Studying English is fun and intereseting. I want to be an English teacher.

Parmi  : Where are you going to continue your study ?
Wakid : I want to study at English Department, Diponegoro University, Semarang.

Parmi  : I think UNDIP is a great university
Wakid : I think so. What about you ?

Parmi  : I want to study at Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Open University of Indonesia.
Wakid : In my opinion Open University is agreat university, too

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